Cats in Pastel

Ralfie & Rolo
Ralfie & Rolo

Ralfie & Rolo

Ralfie & Rolo. Commissioned by the beautiful bride, Carina, as a wedding present for her husband, Ash.

Pastel on pastel card.

In her own words, ‘The Boys' - Cousins and best of friends, both with very different characters; Rolo age 7, handsome and so serious most of the time but has a really sweet and playful side to him that comes out mostly when he thinks nobody's watching. Ralfie, age 4, our cute and cuddly teddy bear who is always looking for a game and likes to play up to the camera. He's forever following Rolo about, you rarely see one without the other - I chose this image as it's a good representation of how close and adorably affectionate they are.

Prints from a limited edition of 250.

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