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Your Pad or Mine?
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Your Pad or Mine?

Your Pad or Mine?

Pastel on pastel card. Drawn with kind permission from Sarah Dodd from one of her gorgeous photographs.

This lovely little frog, roughly the size of the tip of a thumb, was rescued and re-homed by a wildlife expert. Sarah visited him to take some photographs of his menagerie and was touched to find that he had named this endearing little character after her. This is Sarah's description of this Big-Eyed Tree Frog:

'A rather fidgety (but incredibly beautiful) Leptopelis Vermiculatus. Often referred to as a Peacock tree frog (so called for the sound of their call), Big-Eyed tree frog, or Amani Forest Tree Frog (please feel free to correct me!). They originate from the closed-canopy wet tropical rainforests of Tanzania and are insectivorous.'

Prints from a limited edition of 250.

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