Horses in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card. Commissioned by Lizzie Coltman.

Con Calypso is 17.2 hh Hannoverian who was 8 yeras old at the time that this portrait was drawn. If Calypso was a person he would certainly be one of the Brad Pitt/George Clooneys of this world; incredibly handsome, charming and memorable. However I don’t think I have ever known a horse as spooky and sharp… so don’t be fooled by this loveable rogue.

The kindest of natures and gentlest of souls, he is also, however, the biggest scaredy-cat. Calypso will walk past a combine harvester without turning a hair but he will notice the lightest of leaves rustling in the hedge and before you know it he will be heading break neck speed in the opposite direction, at times. his owner feels that he should be entered in the 5f dash at Newmarket - he would certainly make a good break -the reaction times of this fellow are astonishing!

The dressage judges always comment on his beauty and his beautiful balanced paces. In Lizzie's words, 'We just have to hope we get though the test without a famous  ‘Calypso spook’ if we do, we are likely to win the red ribbon.'

'Cal' has certainly gained his father’s jumping ability and he has produced numerous double clears. This was shown very early on his career when he gained the top marks in his classes in the Burghley Young Event Horse Classes  for his jumping technique as both a 4 and 5 year old. Everyone who has ever met Calypso has remembered him and commented on his presence and wonderful nature, he’s certainly my best friend and this painting is a perfect reflexion on his beauty, power and playful personality.'

And a final word from Lizzie:

'The day you spent with us was really enjoyable and the valuable time you set aside to spend with Calypso as you took photographs of him enabled you to really get to know his character. This is very evident in the wonderful result. Thank you very much indeed Ali you really are a star and have produced something very special indeed that I will treasure forever.  Your work brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.'

Prints from a limited edition of 250.

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