Horses in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card. Willow. Commissioned as a surprise 18th birthday present.

Willow is a 14.2hh gelding who was 8 years old at the time of this portrait. He has the kindest nature and isn't scared of much beyond cows! He took part in many pony club activities and had been to camp on numerous occasions. He happily took part in any discipline but loved cross country; so brave, he would clear anything that his owner pointed him at. He wasn't a typical dressage pony but when faced with the task he would always give 100% and got the best marks possible. Willow always ended up in the ribbons when he competed and brought home numerous trophies and rosettes for different disciplines.

Ever ready for a cuddle; when his owner needed time to escape from the stress of exams he was alway the first 'place' that she would go to. 'He would hack out on his own in the summer evening with me on board and just allow me to relax and have fun for a while. He loved to be groomed and fussed and would happily let me faff with him all day. Everyone who meets Willow seems to fall in love with him and remembers him whenever they see him for his cheeky yet cute personality, but you could never get cross with him as he would pull the cute face that made you smile again and forget about whatever he did.

I had to give willow up last year as I didn't have time for him with all my exams and I miss him a lot as I had such a connection with him. When I got the pastel drawing it brought a massive smile to my face (and a few tears) as I had a beautiful pastel of him to look at on a regular basis and to remember him by. Whenever I see it I am reminded of the times I had with him and all the fun that I had with him. He was like one of the family and I had had him for a long time so his is missed by the whole family and so this allows us all to be able to remember him! It was one of the best presents I received for my 18th from my best friend, Beth, and I will treasure it forever!'

Prints from a limited edition of 250.

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