Dogs in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card. This portrait of Barney was commissioned as a surprise birthday present.

Barney Hunt was bred at Bettws Hall Shooting Estates, Wales. He was bought as the owners' first dog together, to be trained as a gun dog and to live in an outside kennel on the farm. After eating a Christmas decoration at 3 months old, which resulted in major surgery, he has become a much pampered Labrador who turns his nose up at dog food (preferring tuna and salmon) and sleeps next to his owners' bed with his own quilt and pillows.

In their words, 'Barney is now very fit, handsome and will hopefully, one day, actually retrieve the pheasants rather than just play with them! He is a very loyal and sensitive dog who completes our home.'

Prints from a limited edition of 250.

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