Dogs in Pastel

Rufus & Jess

Rufus & Jess

Pastel on pastel card.

This portrait was commissioned by Jan for her husband, Mark, as a Christmas present to celebrate the lives of two much loved family pets.

‘Rufus was a stunningly handsome, proud, and affectionate Labrador. He was molly-coddled by the whole family from a pup to his final days in his 15th year. Jess, a gentle, nervous soul, joined our family at 18 months following the passing of Lucy, our family cat. We never looked back! It was love at first sight. They spent 11 wonderful years together. They climbed mountains, swam rivers, ran free through Wentwood Forest, always side by side. They were the epitome of true love. Having been together in life they refused to be parted by death. Jess following Rufus’ passing 3 weeks later.

Thank you Ali for your patience and mind blowing talent, in capturing the true essence of these much loved and missed Labradors.’

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