Dogs in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card.

This portrait was commissioned as a leaving present for Hector's owner, Sue, by her colleagues at Alchemy.

Hector, an English springer spaniel, was two and half when this portrait was drawn. He is always so anxious to show his excitement and pleasure when anyone arrives at the door that he rushes to get the first thing that will fit in his mouth - usually a shoe, a cushion or his bedding. These invariably end up in the garden in his hidey hole. He is also a terrible thief, has a huge reach and unwary visitors have to be reminded to put food well out of the way and certainly not leave sweets in a handbag! Notwithstanding, Hector is completely soppy, adored by his family and never happier than when upside down on the bed or the sofa, neither place of course where he is meant to be!

Prints from a limited edition of 250.