Dogs in Pastel

Murphy and Scampi

Murphy and Scampi

Pastel on pastel card. Commissioned as a birthday present.

Murphy, on the right, is 12 years old. As a 4 month old pup he found himself, through no fault of his own, at Battersea Dogs Home. His owner, who volunteered at the home, snapped him up immediately and he has been an absolute gent all of his life. Murphy's gentle and patient nature made him perfectly suited to his role as a therapy dog and he is registered with Pets as Therapy. He has spent endless hours in schools and hospitals giving comfort to those in need, but has now retired and enjoys a quiet life.

Scampi, on the left, was bred to be a Guide Dog, however he was put up for adoption due to his medical and behaioural issues. At 18 months he found his new home where his medical and behavioural issues can be handled with the ongoing support of the Guide Dogs for the Blind and his behavioural issues have been tamed (almost). At 4 years old he is still an incredibly exuberant character and can't bear to be parted from his long-suffering and ever tolerant friend, Murphy.

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