Dogs in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card. 

A Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier, Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Macy was an intuitive soul. In her owner's words, 'She was a beautiful girl with a huge heart. I find it hard to describe the bond we shared and just how much she really meant to me. I don't know how but she always knew how I felt and she was always there to support me in her own special way.

She really was quite a character. We had about four acres of land for her to run free, she loved chasing rabbits going for walks on the beach and through woodlands and howling when police sirens passed. We took her everywhere, even punting through Cambridge a couple of times! She had a litter of eight puppies just by accident a few years ago when we rescued a male Spanish Mastiff named "Pablo". She had an amazing life, we all loved her to pieces, but to me and my sister we had a special bond.

Sadly she developed an aggressive cancerous tumor and there was nothing we could do, it was too late. She was eleven years old when she past away and the photo was taken about four months before we lost her. So it's especially close to my heart.' 

I feel like I have an amazing monument to her life now. I would have loved to have buried her at the house she spent the majority of her time but sadly that wasn't possible. So we scattered her ashes at her favorite walking spot at Wimpole Hall Estate, but visiting there to pay my respects isn't how I imagined. But now I have this incredible memory of her and her spirit that I can keep as a tribute to her life.'

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