Dogs in Pastel



Pastel on pastel card.

In her owner's words...

'Roxie is one of a kind... Just not sure what kind! As soon as I moved out of home I wanted a dog. So as I left to attend university, for the second time - so slightly more mature, I convinced my partner that's what we should do. We couldn't think of anywhere better to look than the RSPCA. We visited a few times but couldn't quite find the right 'fit'.

It's only when my partner went on his own he rang me to say he'd found the one! We went back to visit together and I used the line  'she's not the one I would have chosen' but how wrong could I have been! The most loyal of friends, gentlest of natures and stoic through her pain. Roxie has had arthritis from a young age but has battled through to make it to her older years taking everything in her stride (apart from cows). Even with 'only one ear' she always brings a smile with her wise eyes and bushy tail.'

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